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It is not just a waist trainer, it’s a movement.

About Waist cartel


It all started when…

In 2014 Lili decided to try the upcoming trend waist training. As part of her Youtube videos she filmed reviews on the trainers she had used and tips on how to loose weight around the midsection. Her content started getting tremendous interest from her audience. Having tried all kinds of trainers from all across the globe, Lili came to the conclusion that Columbian trainers were of the best quality on the market (she still owns a trainer from 2014 that she has sweated and worked out in that is intact). Seeing that most companies stole her content to promote low quality trainers, Lili then decided to take a leap of faith and create her own brand which she knew would be of amazing quality. If there is one thing Lili stands for, it is quality over quantity. Making women feel confident has always been Lili’s top priority. It is with this mantra in mind that we at WaistCartel serve to r-evolutionize waist training for the millenial woman. It is not just a waist trainer, it is a Lifestyle. Join the movement.